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Meet the Owners

Lamar Smith - Founder (Left)

A former health inspector who saw an opportunity to follow his passion & build a legacy that will influence the world positively and set up a future for those he loves. He loves Glenside & the people that live there; he works dawn till dusk everyday in order to build a business that focuses on inspiring the youth & the community with authentic taste & a warm welcome that makes you feel like you're at home every time you walk through Dreams' doors.

Khenan Newton - Co-owner (Right)

A young designer, artist, & student with massive vision and work ethic, which combine with Lamar's experience to build a thriving ice cream parlor that pumps out deliciousness on the daily. He studied Game Structure & Planning at Montgomery County Community College with Dreams of starting his own Game Design business one day. He uses all the skills he sharpened in school to help build Dreams into the community centrifuge that it is today.  

Lamar founded Dreams over 6 years ago and ever since Dreams has employed many of the Glenside youth and helped build the foundation for their futures going into other work opportunities. Lamar is proud to see them all as young adults now knowing that he's influenced their lives in such a positive way. The most powerful example of this is Khenan himself, who began working with Lamar 2 years into business. Khenan began as a cashier at Dreams, & after studying business under Lamar's wing, became a co-owner.

This is the message of Dreams.

Get a Taste of Your Dreams.

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